Dota 2

C. Intelligence


Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit is a range mid hero that can kill enemy hero with low cooldown skill (Nuker). His first skill is Static Remnant, Creates an explosively charged image of Storm Spirit that lasts 12 seconds and will detonate and deal damage if an enemy unit comes near it, this skill works great with his second skill. His second skill is Electric Vortex, A vortex that pulls an enemy unit to Storm Spirit’s location, it also slows the Storm Spirit by 50% for 3 seconds. His third skill is Overload, Casting a spell creates an electrical charge, which is released in a burst on his next attack, dealing damage and slowing nearby enemies, this skill is passive. His ulti is Ball Lightning,Storm Spirit becomes volatile electricity, charging across the battlefield until he depletes his mana or reaches his target. The mana activation cost is 15+7% of his total mana pool, and the cost per 100 units traveled is 12+0.7% of his total mana pool. Damage is expressed in damage per 100 units traveled, He can use this skill to chase or escape. His late game item is Bloodstone, Orchid Malevolence, boots, Black king bar, Shivas Guard, and Octarine Core.

Dota 2


Faceless Void


Faceless Void is an agility hero, his role is hard carry. This hero will be hard to stop in the late game. His first skill is time walk, Rushes to a target location while slowing the movement speed of all enemies along its path for 3 seconds this skill is good as the initiation of his ulti. His second skill is backtrack, Faceless Void dodges damage by jumping backward in time, eluding both physical and magical attacks, Faceless Void’s backtrack is a passive and it’s not an evasion. His third skill is Time Lock, Adds the chance for an attack to lock an enemy unit in time, stunning it and dealing bonus damage, this skill is passive and work great with his ulti. His ultimate made him really hard to fight, Chronosphere. Creates a blister in spacetime, trapping all units caught in its sphere of influence and causes you to move very quickly inside it. Only Faceless Void and any units he controls are unaffected. Invisible units in the sphere will be revealed, this ultimate is upgradable with aghanims scepter. His late game item is usually MOM, Daedalus, Aghanims Scepter, Boots, Monkey king bar(if enemy hero has evasion), Battlefury, and Butterfly.

Dota 2

Dota is an online game that can be played on a PC. This game involves strategy, you can download this game on steam. This game MOBA mutiplayer that you can play with all your friends in steam.

In Dota 2, we played as heroes that we wantto use. Dota 2 has a lot of heroes. Heroes in dota 2 is divided into 3 types:




Axe is a Strength hero who has a role as an initiator and a tanker. This Hero is very difficult to kill because of his skills. His first skill is Berserker calls that when activated will make a near enemy attacked axe and axe will get 40 armor bonus. His second skill is battle hunger, the enemy hero who got cast by this will be slowed and take damage over time. His third skill is counter helix which will cast when axe is attack, counter helix has 15% chance to be cast. His ultimate is Culling blade which you better use on enemy who has low Hp, like one bar of health. If you cast this on enemy hero who has one bar of health, the enemy will instantly die because of this skill. His late game item is heart of tarrasque, shivas guard, boots(any of your choice), aghanims, crimson guard and a blink dagger.

10 peristiwa gempa bumi terdahsyat

10. Gempa Assam, Tibet
Gempa Assam, Tibet
[] – Gempa bumi yang sempat menyapu Assam, Tibet ini besarnya 8,6 SR. Memakan korban jiwa sekitar 1500 pada 15 Agustus 1950 silam. Titik-titik gempa bumi menghajar daerah Yunnan, China, Calcutta serta India. Tak sedikit daerah yang bergeser dan sungai yang berhenti mengalir karenanya. Kemudian gempa bumi ini menciptakan bencana lain seperti banjir besar dan menghancurkan desa-desa serta melenyapkan jiwa


9. Gempa Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
Gempa Sumatera Utara, Indonesia
[] – 28 Maret 2005, Indonesia berduka dengan gempa bumi 8,6 SR yang menyerang. Gempa bumi ini merupakan bencana susulan setelah tahun 2004 Aceh diserang tsunami besar. Ada sekitar 1300 orang yang meninggal karenanya. Berlangsung sekitar dua menit, gempa bumi ini sempat menciptakan kepanikan dan ketakutan akan tsunami. Dan benar, tsunami sempat terbentuk, namun tidak terlalu besar dan tidak menciptakan kerusakan yang teramat parah.
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8 kecelakaan pesawat paling mengerikan

8. 25 downloadMei 1979:
Terkenal sebagai insiden pesawat yang terburuk di Amerika Serikat sampai September 11, 2001, insiden merenggut nyawa 273 orang. Tragedi dimulai ketika American Airlines 191 lepas landas dari Bandar Udara Internasional O’Hare di Chicago, ketika tiba-tiba sebuah mesin terlepas dari pesawat. Sebelum orang dapat sepenuhnya mengerti situasi, pesawat tersebut telah jatuh. Dengan seluruh bahan bakar di dalam tangki, pesawat tersebut meledak dalam bola api besar yang terlihat dari jarak bermil-mil dari lokasi kejadian, meluluh-lantakkan pesawat dan semua orang di di dalamnya.

7. 3 Juli 1988:
Iran Air 655 yang ditembak jatuh ketika terbang dari Selat Hormuz oleh Angkatan Laut Amerika Serikat USS Vincennes. Diduga, para Vincennes mengira pesawat sipil tersebut adalah pesawat militer musuh dan merekapun mulai meluncurkan rudalnya ke udara. Semua penumpang dan awak kapal IR655 terbunuh , totalnya 290 orang meninggal dunia, 66 di antaranya adalah anak-anak. Gambar berikut adalah perangko yang diterbitkan pemerintah Iran tidak lama setelah kejadian.

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top 20 most popular youtuber

20. UberHaxorNova/NovaPipeBombYouTube-logo-full_color
1.38 billion total views.

2.77 million total subscribers.

James Wilson Jr., 24, better known as UberHaxorNova, is an extremely popular video game commentator who uploads videos that mainly show him playing “Grand Theft Auto V,” “Minecraft,” and the ‘Sims 4.” He is known —and loved by his fans — for his inappropriate gags and his wild emotions. He also produces funny, irreverent animated videos.

In the following video, his most viewed, he flips out for nearly a minute after a fellow player “broke the rules” in “Minecraft.” It gives a taste of Wilson’s wild persona.
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